d’Animate is a London based Company founded in 2011. We believe in bold and                                                          fearless Theatre that is accessible.

Taking classics and bringing them to a modern audience whilst creating new and original works is what we do. Our new season is under development and will be hitting Theatre’s in 2016 with “The Land Doth Sing and Cry”.  Incorporating music, movement and a real cottage thatched live on stage,  this will be d’Animate’s most ambitious project to date. Until then…. here is what people have said about our past productions.

Victoria Gould- Complicite “Perfect”

Spiked Magizine “These guys may be cock-sure young upstarts, tearing through the greats and reading into them what they will, but they’re bloody good at it”

The Scotsman on Super Tramp ” River’s cruises through a tough tale with winning ease, back-flipping and somersaulting in places for dramatic effect”







Read more: http://www.wow247.co.uk/2014/08/23/super-tramp/#ixzz3mPJywBtX

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